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Carlotta Montagna

I am a PhD student in Classics in London and I am very pleased to read that you are so keen on Seneca's thought. I am as well. In fact, in my thesis, I focus on Seneca's philosophical approach to moral progress. I am also glad to see that you confer so much attention upon your relationship with your students. As Seneca teaches to us, in fact, every proficiens needs a supportive magister to improve. So, I would be happy and grateful to you if I could get your feedback. May I send to you my last draft? Many thanks for your attention, Carlotta

Eric Schliesser

Carlotta (yes?), I would be amazed (even concerned) that a dilettante classicist like me could give you useful advice, but feel free to send me a chapter or paper that you believe would be most useful to have me comment on.


Dear prof. Schliesser, thank you very much for your prompt reply. I will be back to you soon, if you will be so kind to help me. In fact, nowadays it is necessary to widen one's academic horizons and to explore other fields, in an interdisciplinary perspective. At least, it is my research philosophy, in line with Seneca's view that all of us ultimately belong to one, holistic academy. And this academy does not know strict boundaries. Best wishes, Carlotta (right: I am Italian!)

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