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anne jacobson

I love the idea that I and my colleagues at FemPhil are courageous, but in fact I am fed up enough to take some risks. I can see the advantage to kissing up and kicking down, but kicking up gives some hope and a feeling of being able to count on oneself.

Enzo Rossi

Hopefully this is at least the Churchillian end of the beginning.

Enzo Rossi

Also, it's frustrating to see people defending the accused big shot on the basis that the grad student wasn't his student. He knew that he had power over this person. That's how academia works. Which prompts a wider reflection: is it good for the profession that a few senior people have this much power? For instance, why do letters of reference (as opposed to writing samples) count so much for hiring/promotion purposes? There is at least a prima facie reason to weaken power structures that put people in moral danger.

Jenny Saul

Very good point, and another excellent reason (along with implicit bias) to give letters of reference less weight!

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