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Stamatios Gerogiorgakis

After I state how much I agree with your analysis of the "emancipating" role of philosophical blogs, I would like to say that I stumbled upon your usage of a Greek adjective in singular ("ἐφήμερος") as a predicative to "blogs" in plural. English texts shouldn't follow Greek grammar. However, in what you can call "high level pidgin" Greek words in an English text do follow Greek grammar to some extent. Greek (or Latin) adjectives, even if they do not agree with the English substantive in the grammatical case, do agree in number and gender. I would write that blogs are "ἐφήμερα".

Eric Schliesser

Yes, Agreed. Thank you.

ingrid robeyns

Thanks for this Eric! I am just amazed how you manage to write a post a day [I guess having English as (one of) your mother tongue(s) helps, but still I am deeply impressed.

If readers requests have any role in your decision what to write about: I would love to read more about Analytical existentialism!

PS: Crooked Timber is two words ;-)

Eric Schliesser

Apologies on the faulty spelling of Crooked Timber!
Thank you for your kind words, Ingrid.
Let me think about more topics related to Analytical existentialism!

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