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Marianne Johnson

Perhaps this is at the root of Buchanan's antipathy to "new" Chicago economics as opposed to that practiced by Knight and Simons?

Eric Schliesser

I think that is right, Marianne. Although I should say that some of the Chicago roots on the need for value unanimity are to be found in Knight. So, the story is also complicated.


Isn't there a difference in that Rawls says this about the basic structure (and then has this four-stage-scheme for arriving at real political questions), whereas for Friedman and co. it is also about concrete day-to-day politics? Not sure which one is better or worse, but they seem different.
By the way, it's striking that if you read the first quote by Friedman it makes you think about Greece etc. today - but it has been exactly Friedmanian politics that brought about the suffering...

Eric Schliesser

Yes, there are non-trivial differences within the technocratic political ideal, and you have hit one of the crucial differences.
I don't think it is right to say "exactly Friedmanian politics." He would have surely have been skeptical about Greece's joining the EURO. As he wrote: "Europe’s common market exemplifies a situation that is unfavorable to a common currency."

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