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ingrid robeyns

Welcome back in the blogosphere - we missed you!

Yes, Dutch parents are very conformity loving. One could write a book about that…

In my son's school they call them 'Luizenouders'. We also have 'klassenouders' en 'hulpouders' who occasionally help on a one-off basis with some activity. Still, last year (group 1/2) I have only twice seen a man on the list of volunteer hulpouders (my husband used to be one of those lice-hunters, in fact, and he was the only father). But this years, the 'klassenouders' (who facilitate all the communication between teachers and parents, who organize get-togethers for all parents outside school, etc. and hence who are doing most work of all parents) are two fathers. So we should, even if statistically their participation is by far not as much as mothers', use the gender neutral terms. If only because it might make clear some expectations…

Eric Schliesser

Ingrid, I'll check what the official term at my son's school is; I may have done the school injustice in my adopted terminology. The website of the official Dutch society of parents devoted to combating head lice, does speak of 'luizenouders:'

By the way, I do hope you do write a book about the conformity-loving nature of my country-parenting-folk some day.

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